Year-End Wrap

I’ve been busy spinning and knitting, and not so much blogging. B noted that there wasn’t much new here, and I have to agree. Been busy elsewhere!


Up top here is the big project I’m working on – spinning enough yarn for a sweater. The brown and gold shown here is a single spun of brown/black Shetland and merino that is dyed with alder (gold/tan) and dahlia (orange). The single will be plied with a single spun of natural moorit Shetland, which is a reddish-brown color. It will be a 2-ply yarn, and will probably work up to a fingering or light DK weight. We’ll see how much yardage there is, but I’ve got about two pounds total of fiber to spin between the four colors.


FO #1 is a baby sweater for one of B’s co-workers, who is having a baby girl in February. It is a Rosabel Cardigan, and is worked in superwash merino. The pink has a bit of sparkle to it. The buttons are some we found at the gift store at the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem. They are pink glass and really add a nice touch to this little sweater.



FO #2 is a Michele “A” hat knit entirely in handspun. The light strips are knit with my “Spun Scraps” DK, with the blue being a blue/gray colorway in combed merino top.





WIP #1 continues to be spinning 2-ply merino & silk in cream for B’s scarf. I ordered another 12 ounces of fiber because it was becoming clear that 8 ounces might not be enough. I’ve got it on the needles now – you can see skeins in waiting at left. (The Malabrigo fiber shown  is a treat for me. For later.)

Acquisition #1 is the Malabrigo fiber shown at left. It’s a lovely soft merino in their Ceresa colorway. Very regal colors – all purples and reds. Yum!





And lastly: I stumbled upon a great fiber acquisition the other day at Latimer Quilt Center. I went in, just on a lark, to see if they had fiber for sale, and found – stashed away in a corner of the weaving room – six 1-pound bags of washed Romney from a local grower that was priced to give away. I bought half. I may go back and buy the other three bags if I can’t get more directly from the grower. This fiber is a lovely mix of browns and grays, and is just going to wait for me to card it all into rolags.

The whole thing just makes me really happy. 🙂