Still Kickin’

Yes, I am still alive. And well. And creating.

Sock yarn in progress – Rambouillet, Border Leicester lamb, Targhee, Bamboo, Tussah Silk

This blend has since been spun and finished at about 430 yards of sock weight yarn – a little toothy, but that will settle out after it has been dyed and rinsed with some fiber conditioner. Wait – what? Dyeing? Oh, yes: I have plans. I knitted up a swatch in the round (also known as the leg of a sock) to determine how many yards 4 rounds requires. (About one yard per round in 2×2 rib on US 1.5 needles.) I’ll use this info to dye the yarn in repeating stripes. That will come along a little later, I think, as we’re traveling a bit this summer and haven’t been home as much as last summer.

Wools, both singles (on storage bobbins) and 2-ply – for future weaving.
Future sweater. May combine with light brown Shetland.

2 thoughts on “Still Kickin’

  1. You always inspire me!! {:> I have not spun in forever and just seeing the spinning wheel with the nice fiber next to it got my fingers to want to feel fiber going through my fingers again. {:>


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