Light and Shadows

Sharing a few images from our spring 2019 trip here, with plans to flesh this out after we get back home. Hard to write on a smart phone!

On a day trip to Galway, we found the ruins of a 14th century castle in the heart of old town. Among the artifacts display was a replica of a stone spindle whorl found in the dig.

I could go on and on about our visits to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival, and I will in a separate post. For now, though, here is a picture of B being patiently amused with the crush of crazy knitters on the Friday of the event. We saw Steven West, mobbed by adoring fans, and I met the Jamiesons of Jamieson’s of Shetland (and bought six balls of their yarn!).

At the Scottish National Art Gallery in Edinburgh, one of the many dazzling paintings we saw was the “Madonna of the Yarnwinder.” Looks like a supported spindle to these eyes. đŸ˜‰

Fast forward to Paris: we almost literally stumbled over a tremendous display regional artisanal work at a beautiful old exhibition hall, Galleries de Gobelins. This piece, standing about a foot tall, appears as though it was hand-stitched with fabric bits and seed beads, with a ceramic face and stainless steel claws. One of several in the exhibit, and breath-taking in person.

This is detail of tensioning used on a beaded piece. I was less interested in the beading than I was with the tensioning: sewing pins placed in a line parallel to the edge, with lacing strung through and around the frame. So simple, yet quite effective for temporary stretcher bars. An idea to save for later, certainly.

And, lastly, a visual treat: the difference between these two images was that I moved about a foot to the right from one shot to the next. The glass screen panels are not only installed on an angle, they are also wavy and twisted in such a way that the view through them changes as you move in any direction in front of them. The pattern of shadows also changes as you change perspective. A simple yet captivating display!

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