Take Me Back . . .

To Teotitlán del Valle!



Weavings at a vendor’s stall

This charming Zapotec village in the mountains of Oaxaca state in Mexico hosts the most amazing weavers in the region. We spent a few days here in February, 2018, and were immersed in the weaving and farming lifestyle there.


Nearly all of the community of about 5,600 people weave commercially – this town is a full-time fiber festival! Everywhere you go in town is full of examples of weaving – rugs, fine woven cloths – amazing and colorful work, many using yarns dyed with natural dyes derived from native plants and insects.DSCN4513.jpg


Weaver Antonio Bautista of Artesanias Bautista – flicker.com/tonyartesanias


At the loom – Dixza Rugs – https://www.dixzarugsorganicfarm.com/

We visited several artisans and stayed with a local family, where I spent an afternoon at a floor loom and dreaming of having my own loom someday . . . .

7 thoughts on “Take Me Back . . .

  1. If you get to fulfill that weaving dream talk to Bill’s wife, Julie. Textiles and art were her first degrees. She sold her loom when they moved back back east. I don’t know if she has replaced it while in Vermont. Sounds like a tri I would have enjoyed. 😊


  2. I love your website honey. Looks like you are overdue for a new entry. Looking forward to reading what you come up with next.


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