My Soul is . . . Twisted.

It’s been two weeks since my most recent update. What have I accomplished since then? Not so much with fiber, but quite a bit in the yard and garden and am now working part time for “The County”. The part time work alone sucks up three full days every week – 1.5 hours of commuting time each day plus 8 hours of work. With any amount of good fortune, I will soon be working full time, so I’m enjoying my (hopefully short-lived) freedom during the week.

FOs? Nada.

WIPs – B’s scarf is inching along. I’m at 42 inches now. He tried it on yesterday and we agreed that 60 to 66 is going to work for him.

The mitered square throw is still in time-out. It’s not being “bad”, per se. I just haven’t had the head space to deal with it.

Socks!! Oh. My. Yes. A fun “potato chip” knit, if there ever was one:

20170626 Twisted SoulThis is Nathan Taylor‘s “Twisted Soul” pattern, which was released as an MKAL (Mystery Knit-A-Long) and will be released soon as a full pattern. All three clues have been released, so I’m not giving anything away here. The MKAL pattern is linked above and is available until the end of June at 3 GBP (just under $4 US). The pattern is really well-written, the charts are lovely, and I encourage anyone that is at all interested in twisted stitches to give it a try. It’s fun! Oh, and DO use two contrasting colors of yarn and choose a tightly-spun sock yarn for this one. Splitty yarn is a pain in the neck for this pattern. I’m using Brown Sheep superwash wool in Lightning Lemon and Gunsmoke for these, with a Karbonz 42″ circular needle. The yarn’s a little splitty for my taste in this pattern, but the sharpness of the needle tips help a lot. They aren’t quite as sharp as a Hiya Hiya, but more sharp than some of the other needles I have.

Fiber: My spinning wheel is under the weather right now, with the flyer assembly having been sent off to the wheelwright for repairs. Accordingly, the only spinning that’s happening is a bit here and there on a spindle to test sample fiber that I’m carding or combing. I’m getting a little practice in with a set of combs that B just built for me and am having great fun combing some Romney lamb with them. One of these days “real soon now” I’ll set up the hackle outside and blow through some Merino. . . . or maybe more of that white Romney!

Meanwhile, the garden beckons.



2 thoughts on “My Soul is . . . Twisted.

  1. I do love your posts. 😊I am sitting in a motel in Redmond contemplating a nice nap be for Sharon and family cleft me for a birthday dinner later. I have training the next 2 days here for the new computer program at work. My view out the window is of the rushing canal. Nicer than most. Got in the door with my stuff just as a dime size hailstorm broke loose. Sure hope the car doesn’t have any dent. Love ya.


  2. Crossed fingers for your car – although it would look more like the suburban with hail dents. πŸ™‚ (Yeah, not funny.)

    I’ve got recommendations for good dinners and a great yarn store in Redmond if you’re in the market. Just let me know!

    And – Happy Birthday in a few days. How is it that our kids keep getting older whilst we do not?


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