Fleece Up!

I’ve been busy since the last update!

Souring and washing fleece:


Finished Cormo locks – 22 ounces from 32 ounces raw fleece


(Above) sorting white Romney locks for scouring and washing. Between a ewe fleece and a hogget fleece, I started with nearly 12 pounds of raw fleece – so I ended up with bags and bags of fluff to card and locks to either comb, card, or spin from the lock.

But, wait! There’s more! Little additions (a.k.a. “squirrels”) added to the inventory: an ounce of gold metallic fiber to use in a yarn that I’m planning. A couple of packages of silk hankies – one of which looks almost tie-dyed in pinks and purples, the other is undyed. Oh, and to go with the dyed silk: four 2-ounce batts of Gulf Coast Native that is dyed in muted, dusky blue grey with hits of purple. (Pictures later.) A little stash acquisition – and it’s not yet time for Black Sheep Gathering!


Ladd’s Addition socks

FOs:  Just one this time – a pair of socks for B. He liked my Afterthought Everything socks so much that he asked for a pair in the same yarns.  His are a bit different than mine, other than being bigger. (The perspective is ‘off’ in this image, his sock feet are less than one inch longer than mine.) The toes on these are in the main colorway rather than the red yarn, and his heels are knit with the red yarn but held together with a nylon thread for additional strength. It feels good knit up – not stiff or scratchy – but it’s fiddly and a pain to knit. And weaving in the ends is even worse! Not something I want to repeat or do very often. However, I’d rather knit with the nylon than have to darn the socks in six months.


20170518 MiteredSquareThrow

The mitered square blanket is moving along slowly. Since this picture was taken, I’ve completed the second lace panel using a crown stitch and am now attaching the third block panel that you see here. The project’s kind of in a time-out right now while I solve some technical problems with it.

B’s scarf is coming along, too – not a huge amount of progress since the last picture, though. More of the same.

New on the needles:


I’m participating in Sockmatician’s Twisted Soul MKAL, which is a lot of fun.  This is a Mystery Knit-A-Long in which the pattern is a pair of socks, knitted in two-color Bavarian two-stitch cabling, with the segments of the pattern released to the participants as three separate “clues”. The pattern in full will be released to the general public for purchase after the finish date, which is tentatively set for June 30. There’s just no way that I will be finished knitting these socks by then, but it’s proving to be a fun – if frustrating – pattern and I’ll have a really cool pair of socks when I’m done. This is NOT car knitting! B’s scarf is now my car knitting project once again.

Knitting Dreams:


The mostly-merino combo spin (above, left) is done and patiently waiting to be knitted up into something. I haven’t decided what yet, though. Sweater? Shawl? Dunno. The little bit o’ Jacob you see on the wheel up there has been turned into about 40 yards of two-ply which will be combined with other sample skeins into a hat for me later on this year. I’m thinking maybe a simple toque with some colorwork – I’ve got natural two-ply in various different colors that would work well in that use.

The lilac Romney, though – that will, I’m sure be spun thin and 2-plied along with more Romney that I’ve dyed pink and then used in a shawl. I may ply it with some undyed mulberry silk  . . . .


4 thoughts on “Fleece Up!

  1. Where did you find Cormo? I bought 2 fleeces of Cormo YEARS ago from an aged fellow down by Drewsy. He had a small flock. He is gone now and I have not seen any Cormo since. Your posts inspire me. {:> Love ya.


  2. Ahh . . . from https://www.kurthvalleyfibermill.com/ – in Wisconsin. Expensive, but so worth it! Kind of a Mother’s Day / Happy Spring / big splurge, all in one. 🙂 It was raw, but well-skirted and very clean. May have been coated, but I don’t know for sure. Lots of lanolin, but that was okay. It was a very easy wash.

    Thanks for the kind words. Love you, too, Sis!


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