A Quick Update

Yup, it’s still raining.

RoadCam - ORE6 at Lees Camp

Yup, the peas are coming up.

Nope, the Red Haven peach blossoms haven’t opened yet. The Veteran peach blossoms have, as have the Rainier cherry’s – and they are gorgeous!

Nope, no FOs today.

Nope, I haven’t finished B’s scarf yet. 34.5 inches long and progressing gradually. I should have it finished by the first performance of the 2017-2018 Oregon symphony season, as planned.

Other WIPs? A second pair of Ladd’s Addition socks, this time for B. No word yet on whether he wants red heels and toes.

The only other project on the needles is the “never-ending” mitered square throw. I’ve got the first three block panels done, including weaving in the ends (which I do after every few blocks so it’s not overwhelming). Goofball that I am, it dawned on me Sunday that I didn’t have a US-2 circular with a long enough cable for the lace panel rows, so I got one ordered. Amazon tells me that the ChiaoGoo red lace cable is in the mailbox today. [I really like ChiaoGoo needles. Smooth, well-made, inexpensive. Great cables.]

The other day the mailman brought me a prize that I’d won from the Knotty Knit Wits podcast. A project bag and hand-dyed sock yarn from Mitchell’s Creations.  Just right for a sock project – I love the carrying strap. The bag is lined with coordinating purple fabric, and the zipper pull is a tiny masque progress keeper.  Fun stuff!

20170419 PrizePackage

SIPs? I’m still spinning along on the brown Romney that I have so much of . . . along with the mostly Merino combo spin. I’ve also been doing a bit of spindle work with alpaca, shown below on the nostepinne.

20170425 SIPs

Each one of my fancy storage bobbins (lol) hold about 30 grams of singles. This picture shows five balls of Merino and two of the Romney. I have been spinning about a half-dozen balls then two-plying full skeins before wet finishing. I’m amassing a pretty fair amount of finished yarn. I haven’t completely settled on patterns yet, but I think the combo spin will probably end up as a shawl. The Romney will probably find itself in a sweater. I’m pondering a top down with some colorwork and very likely a steeked button or zipper placket.

On the drying rack today are three skeins of brown Romney, one of the combo spin (2 ply), and a sample skein of woolen spun alpaca and white Romney lamb blend. That sample will probably end up in a hat – it’s so soft and fuzzy, I know I’ll want to make more of it.

Wool washing!! First, you have to sort:

20170419 SortingRomneyLambLocks

This is the small Romney hogget fleece that I just bought. 3.75 lbs raw. What you see here is whole locks, with the random fluff (“not locks”) in the plastic bag. The staple length on these locks is averaging about 7 inches. Looks pretty grungy here – and smelling very sheepy – but it’s actually quite clean with very little vm (vegetable matter) and just some dirty lock tips. The yellow is almost all lanolin and the dirt that stuck to it.


Here are part of the locks, shown after an overnight cold water soak and before a hot scour and rinse.

Most of the dirt will come out in the hot scour (with Unicorn Power Scour and the hottest tap water I can get) and a good rinse. The remaining dirt that sticks to the tips will be flicked out when I spin the locks. I don’t know if I will card, comb, or spin from the lock. Will have to do some sampling and decide!


2 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. The bag is fantastic! And please pass along the pattern for the Ladd socks. That is the last name of all my children because it is my ex-husband’s name and I know quite a few of my grown children that would love some Ladd socks!


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