It’s Still Raining Here

Well, yeah. It’s spring. As one of my cousins says (repeatedly, and I think, somewhat annoyingly), “It’s just weather.”

Well, yeah.

It’s one of those days where as soon as I think of something that I want to do outside, I no sooner get my gear on and look outside to find it pouring. I take the gear off, decide on what to do inside that is at least marginally productive, get immersed in that task – and, you guessed it: the sun comes out.

In the interest of getting something sort of productive done, here’s what I’ve been working on:

Sock Repair  – I blogged about the first time I used the toe-up two-at-a-time sock pattern last fall, with the first effort being knit in some purple superwash merino in a DK weight that I had in deep stash. I knew that the soles probably wouldn’t last long around here with the Tile Floors That Eat Socks. I was right. Hole number one showed up a couple of weeks ago.

Being too lazy to cut off the sock at the bottom of the leg and re-knit it in yarn that would be a little hardier in this environment, I performed a “stage 1” repair:

20170324SockRepair (1)

Pretty much just picking up and re-knitting the area on the ball of the foot that shows all the wear. For good measure, I “fixed” both soles. The fabric is so cushy and warm and lovely to wear that I really don’t want to toss them out when this fix wears out. At that point, I will probably just cut off the foot and re-knit it with something that will last. Like steel wool. ( I jest. Probably Romney.)

Spinning – The big bunch of Romney is dwindling slowly (down to four bags, one big tub, and one large basket of batts!). I’ve now got nine 30-gram balls to ply. This afternoon I plied up the combo spin singles that I had resting, and now have a skein awaiting washing. If it shrinks to a 60-inch wrap, the skein will be about 270 yards of what I can only assume will be a sport to DK weight 2-ply. The last 2-3 yards are chain plied, because I had just a bit left on the storage bobbin.

20170327 ComboSpin

Meanwhile, my lettuce starts are ready to transplant outside. Unfortunately, the garden is not yet ready to receive them. Guess I’ll have to gear up and go play in the rain!


2 thoughts on “It’s Still Raining Here

  1. Rick’s dad called today and he asked about our weather. Rick said we had rain, sleet, snow, and hail. Dad T said, “thisweek?” “No, today”. 🙄 I have volunteer peas coming up in the garden– but not in MY planned spot. My tomatoes are now getting their second set of leaves…but they can’t go into the garden until the end of May IF it is warm enough. I do believe, dear sister, we may live in different climates.
    Check at your favorite yarn store for nylon thread you can add into your heals and toes (even the souls if you get wear there) as you knit. I finally disposed of my first socks. The nylon threads were still there! I like to use that same method of darning. It is so cushy.
    Finished a baby quilt for one of Kathie Holliday’ daughters the other day. I have nearly finished my “barn” quilt and need to start on #4 grandchilds graduation quilt. I also have the socks on the sticks. 😊
    I enjoy reading you blog and seeing what you are doing. 😉 Love you.


  2. Thanks, Sis! I’ll give the nylon thread a try. I’ve got a spool for hemming & mending when I don’t have the right thread color to match what I’m working on.

    As for quilting?! Way too fiddly for me! 🙂 (Love you, too!)


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