It Was So Simple to Start With!

Time flies! Let’s begin:

FOs: Nada. Just working on big projects, I guess!

WIPs: Continuing to spin the big pile o’ Romney. Thus far, I’ve got 751 yards of finished 2-ply and 5 balls of singles to ply.

20170313 2-ply Romney DK

2-ply Romney, before washing

I’ve got a lot of Romney left to spin. It spins beautifully and just about drafts itself. But after spending so much time spinning charcoal Shetland, then brown and moorit Shetland, I am ready for some COLOR!! Hence,

20170317 ComboSpinFibers

Late last week I pulled out all my fiber stash except for the white Merino/silk and a little bit of alpaca that I had set aside. I had three braids of dyed Merino blends (some silk, some sparkly nylon) plus a bunch of natural dyed Merino and BFL that I had left from last summer’s dye fest. I stripped it all out, mixed up the strips, and randomly stuffed them into my big fiber basket that sits on the sewing table just an arm’s reach away from my spinning wheel.

The plan is to spin one storage bobbin (i.e., TP tube – about 30 grams) full of Romney, then one of the combo spin. So far, that plan’s working quite well. I’m using the same drive tension for both, so that’s pretty easy. I guess eventually I’ll then have at least two sweater quantities of yarn to knit with if I am persistent. The basket shown above is holding about 560 grams of fiber, so I will probably get enough 2-ply yarn for something. It’s spinning finely enough to end up as a sport or DK weight, but because it’s mostly Merino, I won’t know what I’ve got until I’ve plied and washed the yarn. The stuff “poofs up” when it’s washed.

The mitered square throw is coming along. No pictures for now, because I’m working on writing a pattern for it. Let’s just say that I started off with the basic mitered square idea, then wandered off on a tangent to build panels of squares separated by panels of texture or lace. I am also incorporating some interesting textural stitches, some bead work, and may include a little color work as well. Some of the texture stitch squares are proving to be real head-scratchers to work out a way to maintain the mitered square idea and incorporate, for instance, a texture stitch on a 4-stitch repeat without skewing the mitering or the texture stitch. I can see it may end up as a stitch sampler, with the written pattern being for someone that isn’t afraid of learning some new techniques.

Of course, now I’m contemplating purchasing pattern authoring software.

Sometimes the whole thing makes me want to stuff it into the project basket and go knit something EASY!! Or go out and plant radishes. If it would quit raining, that is.


4 thoughts on “It Was So Simple to Start With!

  1. Hahaha. Loved that last comment and can totally relate.😁 It sounds like you have been so busy learning to appreciate our ancestors hard work. I totally understand why they went to the trouble of darning socks and garments and am pleased they used the more gentle language for the name. 🙄 I look forward to a show in tell in May when we are over there.


      1. Me too! And I haven’t put a lot of rows on them but it’s nice to pack around and work on every once on a while, they’ll get done eventually 👣


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