No FOs Today

I guess the title says it all. I’ve been knitting and spinning and carding a good bit of fiber, but I haven’t got any finished objects to show for all my efforts. I will, however, show what I’ve been doing.


This is the barest start of my mitered square blanket. I’m knitting this with sock yarn scraps. Each square is 3.5 inches across and takes right at 3 grams of yarn. I’m working with a mix of superwash, “regular” sock yarn, and handspun and am focusing on wool, silk, and alpaca. (No acrylic touches my needles! Ever!)

Here’s the same thing a few days later:


Since this picture was taken, I’ve completed the base row and the second row and have started on the third row. I’m really happy to be knitting with some color.

I’m still working on B’s scarf. I’m more than 24 inches in and am still enjoying the pattern. I’ve just started on the third ball of yarn and have two hanks in my basket for this project. Just in case, I’ve got more of the same fiber “in stock” so I can spin more of this lovely 2 ply if needed. It’s just heaven to work with, so I really don’t mind that it’s undyed.

I’ve been wheel spinning some of that pile of Romney that I’ve got, and have hand carded a bunch of it. (One of six bags was hand carded. Yikes.) I drove down to Latimer Quilt Center and borrowed a Clemes and Clemes drum carder today so I could speed up the process a little. Spent three hours this afternoon carding ONE bag of locks:

20170307 CardingRomneyLocks

What you don’t see here is how messy this project is! Seeds and stuff going everywhere – my trusty supervac is off to the side here and I’m sucking up all the junk every so often so I can control the mess factor. The batts are so lovely, though, I can hardly wait to start spinning them!

20170307 CardedRomney2


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