Goin’ Nowhere

I woke up dreaming of planting peas and radishes and spinach. It’s early enough in the spring now to plant peas in the bean beds and get away with it, I thought – they’d be done by the time I can safely plant beans. And of course, radishes and spinach, because: why not? I dreamt that I would get out there today and rake out the little bitter cress that is already rosetting its way across the garden spaces and waiting for just the right second to shoot out its flower stalks.

Just the day before yesterday, I clomped out to the big garden, basket and kitchen shears in hand, and dug and trimmed the rest of the leeks and green onions. Checked out the Russian kale stalks that I’d given up for dead after months of on-again off-again freezes and snows and realized that they were very much alive and putting out new leaves.

Must be getting close to Spring! Time to buy seeds!

For now, though, I’m going to be content with holing up inside, though: we’ve got two new inches of snow this morning. And, apparently, more on the way. I see it as time for planning the gardens and for spinning and knitting. Not wasted time, indeed.

No finished objects this time. But more work done on my sole WIP for the moment:


This is B’s dress scarf in progress. I’ve completed about 24 inches of 66 so far, and finding this a very enjoyable knit. Keeping my interest without being overwhelming. And the yarn! Oh, the yarn: a very soft and squishy merino and silk blend in a two-ply. Spindle spun and plied. (Yes, lots of work.) Here you see it with the third ball of yarn, which I started last night. I just want to pet it, it’s so lovely! Squeee! (And you know me, I almost never “Squeee”!)

Spinning is coming along. I am loving the Griffis wheel, although I am seeing clearly some of her limitations and am casting a roving eye toward others.  JMS Cassandra and the Schacht Flatiron are a couple I’m drooling over right at the moment. The JMS fits my budget better than the Schacht. I’m not settled on a double treadle, really, and want to try one out before I jump into a purchase. Griff is a single treadle, and I like her just fine. Treadling her is kind of like tapping my foot to music, except with a slightly rocking heel to toe motion.

I’ve finished spinning the last 8 oz. of the moorit Shetland and have about 6 oz. of nice 2-ply yarn and a ball of singles to play with. (Seen below “pre-spa” with Kokopelli.) The 2-ply will very likely become part of a shawl in the near future. Not sure what I’m going to do with the singles. Might ply it with something else or finish & knit it as a singles yarn.


Earlier this week, I dived head-first into the first bag of Romney locks. Oh.My. I think I’m in love! I carded my way through the first half of the first of six paper grocery bags full of washed locks and I’m seriously loving this fiber. It spins effortlessly. I’m getting about 3 rolags to the bobbin and 3 bobbins to the storage ball  (Griff has a tiny bobbin – she’s a flax wheel). I’m spinning my way through a big basket full o’ rolags and have not quite finished half. After I’ve finished the basket, I want to take the next half of this bag and spin from flicked locks so I can compare the difference in the singles.


It’s still snowing, but for now, it doesn’t bother me! Nowhere I need to go, and I am not in any hurry to get there.


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