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I never knew that I was a joiner, but I’ve found myself hooked into the world of Knit-A-Longs (KALs) and Spin-A-Longs (SALs) and I’m having a good time with the idea of participating in a virtual crafting group. I’m so enjoying the pictures and chatter online (Ravelry) posted by the other knitters and spinners – nearly as good as going to a LYS knit-night. (But better – no travel over icy roads!) Among the KALs I’ve participated in recently are the Grocery Girls SockBash2017 for January and February and a couple of month-long themed spin-a-longs in other Ravelry groups that were pretty fun. Such a push for the creativity! It’s like being given a really juicy writing prompt.

FO’s – just one since the last update: Courtney’s birthday socks!

20170211-cocosbdsocksThese started out as vanilla toe-up TAAT Magic Loops socks, but then I added a Fish Lips Kiss heel and did the leg patterning in the Hermoine’s Everyday socks stitch pattern. A little yarny embellishment adds some interest and ‘fixes’ a hole or two that I discovered during blocking. The FLK heel is a winner – it is destined to become my ‘go-to’ heel pattern (just like it is for so many other knitters these days!). The yarn is from ‘ancient history’ stash for me – years ago I got into the habit of buying 100-gram lots of sock yarn, so I had two balls of this colorway to play with. The socks used 51 grams, so I still have enough for another pair of socks if I choose a second color for the toes, heels, and cuffs. I don’t know that I particularly care for the length of the color sections – I think I’d prefer them to be a little shorter, so the stripes are narrower – but I think the yarn is totally usable and works up very nicely. It’s a superwash merino with a bit of nylon, so it will wear well. KnitPicks yarn is dyed well & doesn’t tend to fade over time. Coco will probably wear out these socks before the yarn fades. 🙂

WIPs: Just one for now, B’s scarf. I’m plodding along on it, still enjoying the merino & silk spindle-spun 2-ply yarn and thankful that the pattern is interesting enough to keep me from being bored silly. In an 8-row repeat, the odd rows have a good mix of front and back cables in two different widths (8-stitch and 12-stitch) with the even rows being a simple K1P1 to echo the front side. I’m doing two iterations side-by-side of Bruce Weinstein’s Reversable Cable Scarf pattern that B picked out last year on a Knitter’s Pride US-2 bamboo circular needle. I’m not excited by the needle, but the bamboo keeps the yarn from sliding off the needles if I’m not paying attention to it, so it’s saved me from dropped stitches many times during this knit.

Spinning: I’ve finished the Shetland & Merino spin that I was working on and have about 1,000 yards of cushy light worsted to knit something lovely with. I haven’t chosen a pattern yet, but I’ll be looking for one with minimal texture because the colors will hide whatever texture is there. I’ve yet to swatch, so will do that before I get serious about choosing a pattern.

[And I’ve been terrible about taking pictures lately, too.]

Just one little project on the wheel now: I’m spinning up 8 oz. of moorit Shetland so I can make a 2-ply to include in Joji Locatelli’s “The Girl From the Grocery Store” shawl:


I’m considering the moorit Shetland for one of the lace panels. Or not. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “KALs and Stuff

  1. I am excited that you are doing so many fun things. AND even more impressed that you do up those swatches!! I was telling my neighbor, Mary, how good you are about the swatches and she too is impressed. {:> She hates making swatches…hence the reason I mentioned it. I have told her for years this is the ONLY way you really know how to be more exact with your home spun yarns. She continues to guess and gets annoyed when things don’t work out. I, too, like to do swatches and save them for future reference. Expecially with hand spun. Good job sis! {:>

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  2. I discovered that I really don’t mind knitting swatches. It’s certainly preferable to wasting yarn or knitting time frogging projects that don’t work because the gauge is off or the yarn turns out to not be the right choice for the pattern! 🙂 I keep thinking that I should make something with the swatches, though . . . as it is, I end up using them as coasters or something.


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