Harvest Moon


Time to process apples!

Our apple trees (one each of braeburn, rome, King Cole, and spitzenburg) have out-done themselves this year. We’ve had one branch on the spitzenburg propped up for most of the summer – its applies are huge and heavy, so propping was necessary to keep the limb from being damaged.

We finally remembered that we’ve got a perfectly serviceable food dehydrator in the garage. In this year of full freezers (and having to make room for half a beef next month!), we’re now drying stuff to keep from putting more into the freezer. We’ve got a bunch of pie filling and applesauce stashed away, so, we’re happily drying apples. The spitzenburgs seem to make the nicest dried apples: large slices, with a sparkly zing and plenty of sweetness. King Cole apples are drier than the “spitzs” – at least this year, anyway – and are good dried, but have a more subtle flavor than the spitzenburgs. The slices are sturdy, leathery. The coles seem to be a good baking apple and make good applesauce. The romes are excellent dried, very sweet and with a good acid balance. Small pieces would be good in a nut mix to bring hiking.

The apples in the picture are braeburns. They are a little small this year, but the flavor is good. I’ve got them sitting on the counter so I’ll remember to do something with them. Besides taking pictures, that is.

Other things hitting the dehydrator this week: green beans, Romano beans, zucchini and yellow crookneck squash, more apples.

The nights are getting cooler, and the winter squash are firming up. This year, we’re growing a lot of acorn, about half a dozen decent-sized pumpkins, a bunch of miniature spaghetti squash, and a few butternut. I can see we might be dehydrating more squash, too. I’m thinking dried pumpkin would be really handy for soup making. Acorns and butternut keep well for us, but I can see we’ll be eating a lot of spaghetti squash in the near future!


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