Cat Scan

Treatment #5 is history. Yay, team!

Dr. Dan sent me in for another CT scan today to check something going on in my left cheek. Could be related to a minor-league sinus infection on the right side, but we don’t know. We’ll see what’s up when we get the results of the CT (aka Cat) scan.

Meanwhile, we’re still in the market for one or two good barn cats. The moles, voles, and other assorted varmints are practically eating us out of house and home outside, although the chipmunks and squirrels haven’t shown up yet for some reason. Perhaps the weasels have eaten them all. 🙂 So – if you hear of anyone local with a surplus of barn kitties – send ’em my way! And no, weasels don’t eat barn cats.

Cat scan item #3: the new color work cap is coming along slowly, given the only time I work on it is when I’m home by myself and can concentrate. The second part of that equation is the problem, of course. I’ve got a raging case of oatmeal brain going on, so following a knitted colorwork chart is tough these days. Because of this, I chose a super-simple one with only five colors total and then only two color changes at a time. I probably won’t mess it up too badly. Hope not, ’cause colorwork is a pain to frog.

The cap is worked in a luscious cotton-linen blend that will be nice for summer. I’ve discovered that my other caps and scarves are just too warm with the warmer weather we’re having now. Today while I was out & around, I work a pink woven derby hat that was just right. Nice and cool, but wanted to blow off my head in windy Tillamook!


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