The Day After, Number 2

Here’s an April Fool’s trick that beats all: spending the day in a chemo treatment center and being the newbie there. YMMV, but I found it to be a pleasant experience. I’m getting my treatment through Compass Oncology, and am finding their staff and facilities absolutely top notch. I felt very cared for every step of the way.

That being said, here it is, the Day After, and I feel like, well, pond sludge. No energy. Don’t feel like eating (but I have eaten a little). Managing to keep a more or less constant inflow of water and green tea. Being mindful of not ingesting sugar – sugar feeds lymphoma, and I’ll be damned if I’ll feed these little aberrant cells any more than I have to. Nausea? Nada – good drugs have taken care of that. Pain – minimal. Again: good drugs. Mostly I just need to rest, but really am not sleeping during the day today, just resting.

We’re all feeling very relieved that the first thing yesterday morning Dr. D let us know that my cancer is an early stage 2 – which makes it comparatively easy to treat and the prognosis is good.

Just the same, I am very glad that I left work last week with most everything caught up, and finished the Oregon State University Master Gardener class on Tuesday. (Just have 60 hours of practicum to do in the coming year to get my “little orange badge” that identifies me as a Master Gardener Volunteer.) Things are pretty good – I have wonderful support (thank you B, family, friends, co-workers and staff @ work).

What more could I want? Oh, maybe a nice selection of scarves for my head in a week or so.


2 thoughts on “The Day After, Number 2

  1. So relieved you are doing well. {:> AND that it is just stage 2. Not that that isn’t bad enough but so much better than 4. Rest all you can and I am glad you have been off sugar for a long time so you won’t have that to deal with also. Your clean eating habits come in handy now. What are your favorite colors??? I know I should know this–but with color I just am color stupid and don’t notice. {:> How is the port area? Steve hated his ports (he had a couple through his trip and was so relieved when it was finally gone). Love you and hang in there. Thank you Bruce for being there for Mary. {:>


    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’m relieved that it isn’t 3 or 4, which had been worrying me.
      Colors? I lean toward lilacs, purples, blues. Spring forest colors.
      Port area is peachy. I look a little beat up, but the site doesn’t hurt now. The thing that bothered me the most was actually the adhesive from the bandage – within a few hours it had me itching like crazy!
      And B says, “Your welcome!”


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