How To (Not) Knit a Sock

See what I did here? I did. After five full repeats of the lace pattern – on the sole of the cuff-down sock.


How did this happen? Lemme tell ya.

I very carefully knit the short-row heel and the first row after the heel before I went to craft group yesterday. I stuck the needle stoppers on the needle tips, stuffed the work in progress and the attached ball of bamboo yarn into my sock bag, tucked in the folding stand for my phone, and off I went to craft group.

Once at the library where the group meets on Tuesday mornings, I set up my phone & phone stand, pulled up the pattern in Knit Companion, and began knitting. I wasn’t thinking about the idea that I should be knitting the foot of the sock, not the leg.

You can see what happened here. I’ll let you fill in the gap.

Sufficient to say that I just ripped out the erroneous 30 or so rounds, put the stitches back on the needle & knit the foundation round (pattern round #1) and the second pattern round before I put it away for a bit.

OK, so I’ve recovered from my stupid mistake. But how did I manage to knit half of the foot before I realized my error?! Yeeks.

Post publishing edit:

I finished my socks!

finished socks