Still Kickin’

Yes, I am still alive. And well. And creating.

Sock yarn in progress – Rambouillet, Border Leicester lamb, Targhee, Bamboo, Tussah Silk

This blend has since been spun and finished at about 430 yards of sock weight yarn – a little toothy, but that will settle out after it has been dyed and rinsed with some fiber conditioner. Wait – what? Dyeing? Oh, yes: I have plans. I knitted up a swatch in the round (also known as the leg of a sock) to determine how many yards 4 rounds requires. (About one yard per round in 2×2 rib on US 1.5 needles.) I’ll use this info to dye the yarn in repeating stripes. That will come along a little later, I think, as we’re traveling a bit this summer and haven’t been home as much as last summer.

Wools, both singles (on storage bobbins) and 2-ply – for future weaving.
Future sweater. May combine with light brown Shetland.